March 21, 2011

Our London neighbour

What better new neighbour than a British lad to teach some fine dinning to us?  The London Chef is the latest addition to upper Fort Street, and I am thrilled to welcome them to the neighbourhood.  I too have been counting the days until their opening. I also suggest a stroll through their pantry of take away Stage's sausage, house prepared salts/oils/vinegars/condiments, and Vig's To-Go Indian dinners (they close at 6 daily so you can stop by on your way home). They are offering both delicious lunch options and well prepared coffee and espresso. Dan Hayes is the London Chef and together with his charming staff will be offering services such as: Cooking Instructions, Private Cheffing, Food Styling and Food Consulting and Catering. This new school for all of us self proclaimed "foodies" out there will ignite our inner talents. We can learn, prepare and then dine on our instructed creations amongst one of the most beautiful kitchen's in the capital city.
A true feast for both the eyes and of course your palette!   

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