January 04, 2011

Brilliant Japanese stationary

D-Brothers is a Japanese design company that gets young product designers to create innovative merchandise.  I had the pleasure of coming across some of their vases in "Merci" a beautiful concept store in Paris.  I then contacted D-Brothers to get some of their stationary brought to Mille Fiori Spa.  Here are a few of their incredible creations:
This is a "memo pad" in the shape of both a pear and apple.  
They are truly the coolest memo block you will come across! 

This birthday card is a gift in itself!  

These butterflies are sticky notes which you can place anywhere: on the edge of a computer screen, your fridge, the mirror in your bathroom.  They are a great way to keep notes looking ever so stylish!

These "La Dolce Vita" biscuits are actually blank cards which are great for any occasion!

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