April 28, 2011

Flower power birthdays

Did you know that each month has a flower assigned to it, just like gems?  
And after all, as we are the spa of a million flowers, I thought it would be appropriate to let you find out which flower is assigned to your birthday!
Birth Month Birth Flower Flower Color Flower Meaning
January Carnation or Snowdrop Black, Dark Blue or Red Fascination; Devoted Love / Consolation; A Friend in Adversity
February Violet or Primrose Violet, Sky Blue or Yellow Modesty; Faithfulness; Virtue / Young Love
March Daffodil or  Jonquil White or Light Blue Regard; Devotion / Affection Returned; Sympathy
April Daisy or Sweet Pea Yellow, Red and Colorless Innocence; Youth; Purity / Goodbye; Blissful Pleasure; Departure
May Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn  Yellow, Red and Green Sweetness; Humility; Return of Happiness / Fertility; Hope
June Rose or Honeysuckle Light Blue, White and Cream Love / Devoted Affection
July Larkspur or Water Lily Green, Russet and Red Laughter / Purity of Heart
August Gladiolas or Poppy Orange, Red and Light Green Strength of Character; Sincerity; Generosity; Natural Grace / Eternal Sleep; Imagination; Oblivion
September Aster or Morning Glory Brown, Deep Blue Symbol of Love; Daintiness / Talisman of Love; Affection
October Calendula or Cosmos White, Yellow and Varied Joy / Modesty
November Chrysanthemum Dark Blue, Red and Yellow Cheerfulness; You're a Wonderful Friend; Rest; Loveliness; Abundance; Wealth
December Narcissus or Holly Indigo, Green, Greenish-Blue Stay as Sweet as You Are; Egotism; Formality / Foresight, Good Wishes

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