June 03, 2011

A year ago ....

Oh, baguettes, how I adore thee!  A year ago at this time, I was taking my first journey over the Atlantic Ocean to a country which truly inspired me here at Mille Fiori Spa, that being France!  I adored the great pleasure the French people have for enjoying food and everything involved in the process.  One of their greatest country treasures is the art of making bread.  Their boulangeries are like nothing I've ever seen.  The amount of bread, and pastries, topped with croissant and brioche they had to offer was remarkable.  The closest I have come to fulfilling this bakery experience here in Victoria is Fol Epi.  On one weekend day, you can find me there getting a croissant or a perfect piece of pie accompanied by a cafe latte from Fantastico.  If you haven't already made it to this town gem, please treat yourself to some of these:

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