September 24, 2011

The art and benefits of clotheslines!

Laundry Facts

Average Annual Household Savings of more than $100/year.
  • Clothes Dryers are among the highest electricity/gas consuming appliance in your house, accounting for 6-10% of residential energy use.
  • Potential savings of $107.52 per year if you hang your laundry instead of using the dryer based on: 8 hrs a week (approximately 8 loads of laundry) :
    8hrs per day, 4 days per month = 160kWh per month@ $0.056 per kWh.
Conserve Energy and the Environment.
  • One ton of poisonous gases are created at the power plant each year to run your family's dryer alone.
  • Laundry products use renewable energy such as sun, wind instead of costly non-renewable resources like gas or electricity.
  • The clothesline is a low cost fail-safe "solar" device.
  • Hanging laundry encourages eco-friendly habits for future generations - small steps can make a difference to ensure a clean and healthy world.
Clothes dried on clotheslines/racks last twice as long as those dried in a machine.
  • Lint pulled out of the lint trap is fiber shredded from the clothes you just dried.
  • Clothesline dried clothes smell fresher, feel more natural and are wrinkle-free.
  • Outdoor clothes drying makes whites whiter and provides natural disinfection by the suns U.V. ray's.

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