April 28, 2011

Flower power birthdays

Did you know that each month has a flower assigned to it, just like gems?  
And after all, as we are the spa of a million flowers, I thought it would be appropriate to let you find out which flower is assigned to your birthday!
Birth Month Birth Flower Flower Color Flower Meaning
January Carnation or Snowdrop Black, Dark Blue or Red Fascination; Devoted Love / Consolation; A Friend in Adversity
February Violet or Primrose Violet, Sky Blue or Yellow Modesty; Faithfulness; Virtue / Young Love
March Daffodil or  Jonquil White or Light Blue Regard; Devotion / Affection Returned; Sympathy
April Daisy or Sweet Pea Yellow, Red and Colorless Innocence; Youth; Purity / Goodbye; Blissful Pleasure; Departure
May Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn  Yellow, Red and Green Sweetness; Humility; Return of Happiness / Fertility; Hope
June Rose or Honeysuckle Light Blue, White and Cream Love / Devoted Affection
July Larkspur or Water Lily Green, Russet and Red Laughter / Purity of Heart
August Gladiolas or Poppy Orange, Red and Light Green Strength of Character; Sincerity; Generosity; Natural Grace / Eternal Sleep; Imagination; Oblivion
September Aster or Morning Glory Brown, Deep Blue Symbol of Love; Daintiness / Talisman of Love; Affection
October Calendula or Cosmos White, Yellow and Varied Joy / Modesty
November Chrysanthemum Dark Blue, Red and Yellow Cheerfulness; You're a Wonderful Friend; Rest; Loveliness; Abundance; Wealth
December Narcissus or Holly Indigo, Green, Greenish-Blue Stay as Sweet as You Are; Egotism; Formality / Foresight, Good Wishes

April 21, 2011

Ukrainian tradition

As some of you may know part of my heritage is Ukrainian, and as Easter approaches, it's time for me to share how to paint the perfect Ukrainian egg. 
 There are hundreds of different motifs and ways to paint the eggs, so let your imagination run wild, invite some friends over, or get your kids involved, it will surely be a fun filled Easter weekend for all!

April 17, 2011

Spring cleaning

Spring has sprung, meaning spring cleaning.  Here is a list which I find quite helpful: 

April 14, 2011

Records galore

April 16th, marks Record Store Day, and since our favourite record store is now in our neighbourhood we feel this is a great day to say thank you to them for providing us all with such fantastic music!  If you hadn't already guest, we are referring to Ditch Records, Victoria's #1 music destination, as they have incredible staff, who are always willing to help you find that special new sound. 
They've tripled their store size by moving locations and are now located at 784 Fort Street. 
So, come down to Ditch Records and give the staff a hug and some chocolate this April 16th.

April 10, 2011

Goodbye neighbour

I am truly sad to see this wonderful Fort Street store close.  Plenty Epicurean Pantry has been my steady supply of delicious treats, from milk, to chocolate, to a wonderful mortar and pestle.  After 5 years of business they will be closing their doors on April 21st, so make sure to go in, and take one last look at the glorious products they sell.  
(Plus, they are having an ongoing discount sale until they close.) 
Plenty Epicurean Pantry, we at Mille Fiori Spa will miss you.   

The beginning and the root of all good is the pleasure of the stomach; 
even wisdom and culture must be referred to this. — Epicurus

April 06, 2011

Hola Cuba!

Cuba, what a place ... fun facts for you all:

- Butterfly Jasmine is the official Flower of Cuba. It represents purity, rebelliousness and independence.  It flourishes in humidity and can be found in the wild along river banks and lagoons, it is also a favorite garden flower.
- The National tree of Cuba is the Royal Palm.  Reflective of the Cuban People it is a strong tropical tree, able to survive the storm force winds of hurricanes.
- The national Bird of Cuba is the Tocororo, or the Cuban Trogon. The colourful climbing bird's red white and blue plumage matches the colors of the flag.

I am currently enjoying Cuba Libre's in +32 degree weather.
I promise to bring sunshine back your way. 

April 02, 2011

Harriott Grace a fantastic online store

Harriott Grace is a very special online store which I feel needs to be shared with you all.  Nikole Harriott is originally from Victoria, and now lives in Toronto.  Her papa makes all the incredible wooden goodies, while Nikole designs home decor products as well as running their online store. 
Items online sell very fast, so keep your eyes peeled for some great new designs.  
(Bonus: they are all one-of-a-kind!)
Nikole has a beautiful blog which is called forty-sixth at grace also worth checking regularly.