October 31, 2011

Modern Day Pumpkin

Facebook has now officially made it into pumpkin art! 

October 27, 2011


Cover of note book in a Halifax bookstore.

October 24, 2011

Scrabble art ...

A new way to see the board game Scrabble;

October 11, 2011

It's a perfect moment

This scene from the French movie Amelie really makes one see life a fresh:

P.S. The metro stop at the end of this clip was my local metro stop while I stayed in Paris last summer.  It brings back warm memories to my heart .... and aching memories to my legs for having climbed SO many stairs daily!!!

October 01, 2011


This summer I put up some mirrors on my fence to add to my garden.  It is quite remarkable how much a mirror can add to a space, and how the reflections let me see my garden under new light.
 A garden mirror example.

 Mirror used leaning on a dresser, also gives you a new perspective of space.

Choosing at what height to hang a mirror can sometimes be a challenge.  Play with it, you never know, lower or higher may be more interesting than dead centre!