May 30, 2011

Art for all

By: Sharon Montrose

Art is something that inspires the soul, and being exposed to it on a daily basis is truly one of life's gifts.  Sometimes, our wallet is what stops us from really letting us experience art at home, but the answer to this has arrived!  One wonderful website provides "art for everyone", as you can buy different size prints from a wide variety of artists for affordable prices.  Check out:
Here are a few more wonderful prints.
By: Jenny Odell
By: Joseph O. Holmes

 By: Mark Menjivar

May 04, 2011

mother, maman, madre ....

This coming Sunday, May 8th marks Mother's Day.  Here are some ideas of things you can treat your very own mum too:

- Go for a lovely Spring walk with her.  
- Make her her favourite meal, including dessert or get her a cooking class at The London Chef!
- Take her to that movie she's been wanting to see.
- By her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Verbena or buy her a plant for her garden.
- Plan a weekend get-away.
- Find her a unique hand-made gift on Etsy.
- Make her a mixed CD of her favourite songs from I-Tunes.
  - Or there's always a little pampering Gift Certificate from Mille Fiori Spa!